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Give Gift Boutique Payment Methods

Customers has the following payment methods to choose from, and we include details of each method in our "Payment Confirmation" emails also, as follow:

  • Bank Transfer (Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau, Singapore bank accounts)
  • By Credit Card online
  • By Cash at 7-11 Stores in Hong Kong
  • Alipay or WeChatPay online
  • PayMe by HSBC
  • Fast Payment System FPS
  • By Company Cheque
  • By Cash (for pickup orders)
All personal gifts require successful payments before delivery, and we recommend completing payment as early as possible, to avoid delay in our purchasing or delivery arrangement. Unless customer has made special arrangement with us, we usually would not make the gift nor deliver the gift unless payment is completed in time.

For corporate procurement reasons or other special needs that necessitates payment after gift delivery, or intended cheque or cash payment, buyer must inform us at the time of purchase and obtain our agreement

Statistics on payment methods (FYI)

Payment by local buyers: 70% Bank Transfer, 20% Credit Card, 8% By Cheque, 2% Cash/Others

Payment by oversea buyers: 95% Credit Card, 4% China/Macau Bank Transfer, 1% Wiring/Others

Details of various payment methods

* Customers would not need to print the following information, as we would provide a summarized version in our order confirmation email sent to customers, in addition to online account login information
Payment Method Payment Details
Bank Transfer The bank transfer method includes transfering money at ATM terminals, payment using online banking, depositing cash at ATM machine, paying at the bank counter, direct cheque deposit, etc. Give Gift Boutique has bank accounts in Hong Kong, Macau and also mainland China, detailed bank and accounts information could be found at the next section on this page.
* Customers MUST send us a record of the bank transfer by email/fax/whatsapp, and specify the order number
Credit Card Payment Stripe | Paypal
Here are the cards we accept:

We accept credit card payments through the online Stripe and Paypal gateway, and customers need to enter credit card information online, which is very safe and simple, only takes 5 minutes. For details please refer to credit card payment walkthrough at the last section of this page.
* Stripe and Paypal would automatically convert from your card's currency to Hong Kong dollars, and platform's conversion rate may be different from the interbank rate
Cash at HK 7-11 Stores Login to your account on Give Gift Boutique, print a copy of the invoice with a 7-11 payment barcode at top. Pay cash with the invoice at any 7-11 store in Hong Kong
* Customers MUST send us 7-11 payment receipt by email/fax/whatsapp, and specify the order number
Alipay or Wechat Pay |
After customer login to the GGB account, click on the "Alipay" or "Wechat Pay" option, to complete secure transaction on payment gateway.
* Alipay/Wechat Pay will show total amount in RMB using their exchange rate at the time.
PayMe by HSBC by HSBC : Open your PayMe app, Scan Merchant Barcode , enter invoice total and complete payment.
* Customers MUST send us FPS payment receipt or screenshot by email/fax/whatsapp, and specify the order number
Fast Payment System FPS FPS Account Name: [email protected]     OR     66284836
* Customers MUST send us FPS payment receipt or screenshot by email/fax/whatsapp, and specify the order number
By Cheque If customers plan on paying by mailing cheque, please inform us in advance, and obtain approval from us first

We also recommend depositing the cheque directly to our bank account, that way you can immediately have a payment record. Pleaes note from the time a customer put a cheque in the mail, until our shop receive it and provide a confirmation to the customer can take as long as 10 days.
Cash Cash is only accepted for pickup or delivery to order's location, and must obtain approval from our shop in advance
* Overseas buyers please do not perform international bank wiring, unless this is the last resort. Wiring takes many days, usually incurs a higher fee than credit card, the entire fund could be returned to the payer weeks later due to simple mistakes in filling in the form, and sometimes could incur hidden fee from our bank account, resulting in incomplete payment, each issue could affect and delay delivery. We hence recommend credit card payment for overseas buyers.

▶ Bank Transfer accounts in various cities
Hong Kong bank accounts Hong Kong Account Name: Broaden Leisure Outlets Company Ltd
   1. HSBC bank account number: 817-193261-838
   2. Bank of China account number: 012-687-1-006384-2
   3. Hang Seng bank account number: 228-738670-883

Company Bank Cheque
   Payable To: Broaden Leisure Outlets Company Limited
   Address: Give Gift Boutique. 907 Silvercord Tower 2, 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

* Upon successful bank transfer, customers must email/fax/whatsapp the deposit record to us, many thanks.
Macau bank accounts Bank of China (Macau account):
   Account Name: Macau Give Gift Boutique Co Ltd
   HKD Account Number: 1801 1110 4633 343
   MOP Account Number: 1801 0110 3074 309

Company Bank Cheque
   Payable To: Macau Give Gift Boutique Co Ltd
   Address: Macau, Rua Dos Curtidores No 17-A, Seng Lei Res-Do-Chao E

* Upon successful bank transfer, customers must email/fax/whatsapp the deposit record to us, many thanks.

▶ Credit card payment walkthrough

Step 1 : Login to Give Gift Boutique

Step 1: With login name and password provided to you from our order confirmation email, you can login to your account at top right of the website

After you login, you can see details on all the orders and invoices. For credit card payments, you can click on the link "Secure Transaction with Paypal", as shown in the illustration, then you will be taken to the Paypal website, for direct credit card or paypal payment.

Step 2: Fill in and submit credit card information on the Stripe or Paypal website

Step 2: Customers should see a form that accepts various credit card details as soon as landing on the Paypal website. If you are initially taken to a form to setup a new Paypal account or login to Paypal, you can simply click on the tab for direct credit card payment. A paypal transaction usually requires the following information:
  • credit card number
  • expiry date
  • credit card CSC code (3 digits number on back of Visa/Master cards, 4 digits number on front of AE cards)
  • name of credit card holder
  • billing address of credit card (address where card holder receives credit card bills, for verification purposes)
  • your contact email address
  • your contact phone number
Once you completed the form, you can click on "Review and Continue", you will be taken to the next confirmation step, then you can review the information and click on "Pay Now" to actually finish the transaction. Customers would see a payment confirmed screen next, and would very soon receive an email from paypal stating the transaction is successful. At this point, our shop would also be notified by Paypal, and our customer service agents would confirm payment from our side, and also send you a Payment Confirmation email. Since payment confirmation from our shop is done by our agent, payments completed after our office hour might experience a longer wait before receiving our confirmation email, about half an hour after our store opens the next morning.

* Paypal does not accept credit cards issued by Macau
* If a credit card is already registered with an existing paypal account, then customer must login to the paypal account in order to use that credit card for payment. * Paypal has a series of anti-theft algorithm to block seemingly fradulent credit card payments, so Paypal recommends the credit card holder personally enters the credit card information from a computer the user typically uses to conduct Paypal online transactions, to minimize false alarms and unnecessary payment blocks by Paypal (less than 1% credit card payment by Paypal would experience this "wrong blocking" issue).

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