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How to Identify Real and Fake Mooncake of Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel?

How to Identify Real and Fake Mooncake of Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel?

by Soyee
posted: 2018-07-30 09:20:00 +0800

As the Peninsula Hotel of Hong Kong launches more and more popular new gift products , it has become more than just a luxury hotel but a representative brand for Hong Kong. Among all the Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel gifts , the Peninsula Hotel moon cakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival are one of the most popular gift items for people in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China. These mooncake gifts are so well received that they are often out of stock during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Speaking of the origin of the mooncakes of the Peninsula Hotel of Hong Kong, we must start with the egg custard bun created there. At that time, the egg custard buns were firstly created and developed by Mr. Yip Wing Wah from Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel which were only sold exclusively in the Peninsula Hotel and were only available to those wealthy and powerful people in Hong Kong. Later in one Mid-autumn Day, the chef tried to add the elements of egg custard to the mooncake which later becomes the famous Mini Egg Custard Mooncake of the Peninsula Boutique. At the beginning of its debut, the production of egg custard mooncake was limited, it means only those VIP clients of the hotels or the upper class of the society had a chance to taste it, but as time goes by, the production of this special mooncake increased, now most people have the opportunity to enjoy it freely.

In recent years, buying mooncake from the Peninsula Hotel of Hong Kong during Mid-autumn Festival becomes a trend, so the nearer to the MAF, the harder to get a box of Peninsula Hotel Mooncake. This results in the fake Peninsula Boutique Mooncakes in the market which are hard to tell the difference from the real ones. Therefore, the Peninsula Hotel HK encourages customers to buy the Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes from the official distributors to assure that they get the genuine ones, but this does not include the pharmacy. It is said that 99% of the HK Peninsula Hotel Mooncakes you get from the street shops are counterfeit products.

The fake Peninsula Boutique egg custard mooncake has taken up 80% of the Peninsula Hotel mooncake market, so if you want to guarantee you get the real Peninsula Boutique mooncake, it’s best to buy it from the official distributor. However, the real Peninsula Boutique mini egg custard mooncake sells fast, in case you have to buy it from the non-official distributors, here are some tips from Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique to tell you how to identify the real egg custard mooncake and the fake one.

The real packaging has darker yellowish color while the fake one has light color.

The left one is real and the right one is fake.

The handbag for the mooncake has bolder font with dark brown color.

The left one is real and the right one is fake.

The imprint Chinese character on the real Peninsula Hotel egg custard mooncake is more obvious than the fake one.

The left one is real and the right one is fake.

The gold plastic plate under the mooncake is composed of small triangles. The small triangles of the real one are distinctly composed of two small triangles. It can be seen as a quadrilateral, and the fakes are very vague!

The Peninsula Boutique Mooncakes are well-made in details regardless of the packaging or the taste and quality; that’s why it can be called the Rolls Royce of mooncakes. As the long-term business partner of the Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong, Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique has been offering high quality authentic food gift products to our clients for the last ten years; we are also one of the largest distributors of Peninsula Boutique Mooncake in Hong Kong.

The 2018 Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner, and the new style mooncake of the Peninsula Hotel HK has also been launched; we believe that the peak of mooncakes purchasing is coming soon as well.

There are various styles of MAF gift hampers from HK Give Gift Boutique, whether you want to go with a box of traditional mooncake or a fruit basket, you are able to find the add-on gifts you like.

The Peninsula Hotel of Hong Kong will send their staffs to deliver the Peninsula Boutique mooncakes to our Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique factory address for us to make the Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake gift baskets. Therefore, we can guarantee you that the mooncake gifts you get from us are genuine products.

Mid Autumn Double Deck Peninsula MoonCake Fruits Gift Tower D17

Mid Autumn Fruit Hamper M44

Mid Autumn Fruits Gift Box B22

The above are the 2017 MAF gift hampers for reference.

We suggest that customers order online from Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique website one month ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival; we will reserve the mooncake for you and deliver to you on the appointed dates. Easy online credit card payment is accepted on our website, once ordered, you can relax and enjoy the real Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel mooncakes later. For more information about HK Give Gift Boutique flower & gift shop and different gift ideas, please visit

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