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Quality lifestyle asks for more quality baby hampers - Give Gift Boutique helps children with special needs by supporting charitable activities

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 14 April 2021 - Despite the decline in Hong Kong's fertility rate, baby care products have shown their great market potential, and the sales of baby gifts and baby hampers are booming. With the pressure of the growing demand for baby gifts and baby hampers, Give Gift Boutique, the online gift shop in Hong Kong, insists on the real needs of parents and infants. In order to serve the best matching gifts for different families, they sort the quality baby care products with strict standards and strives to serve great varieties of baby hampers and baby gifts.

People value more the quality and the sense of ritual of baby gifts

It couldn't be more precious of the birth of babies under the circumstance of the low birth rate in Hong Kong. Families in Hong Kong value more on the quality and the sense of ritual of baby gifts, and willing to pay more on better gifts whenever on birth, full moon, the hundredth-day banquets, or birthdays of the babies. The CEO of Give Gift Boutique pointed out that the givers have attached great importance to the quality and packaging of baby gifts, making the baby hampers with nice quality and beautiful packaging become more popular. Under this trend, the gorgeously wrapped baby hampers and baby gifts of Give Gift Boutique are made up of highly-rated products of well-known brands, and you're free to choose baby boy hampers , baby girl hampers, and additional gifts, moreover, you could write your own blessings in the exquisite greeting cards, making it a special occasion by the delightful gifts. Nowadays, the sales of Give Gift Boutique gift baskets have been rising almost when they were launched, and some gift baskets are even in short supply.

Safe and practical baby hampers and gifts become popular

People in Hong Kong are much more aware of health than ever before, thus they focus more on the safety of products. And in recent years, the harm of chemicals has aroused public attention. The CEO of Give Gift Boutique pointed out that, in addition to high-quality products of famous brands, mild products with natural ingredients are becoming more and more popular with consumers.

In addition, the CEO of Give Gift Boutique said, that the sales of baby hampers are more ideal than a single piece of baby gifts, and the practical and widely applicable hampers made up of famous brand products are most favored. Most giverss love to buy well-composed and high-quality baby hampers, for they are very helpful to green hand parents. By giving these pampering gifts, recipients could feel the care of the giverss. What's more, ordering the hampers online is the most convenient way for the giverss, for they save a lot of purchasing and receiving procedures of different baby care products.

In the sales boom of quality baby gifts, Give Gift Boutique supports charitable donations to help children with special needs

The gift-giving behaviors of Hong Kong people are becoming more frequent. Not only do they interact more closely with relatives, friends, colleagues, customers, etc., but also expand their social networks. Although the Internet has cut down face-to-face communication, people are more willing to show their care in the form of gift-giving.

In addition, the epidemic last year did not impact the enthusiasm of Hong Kong people for gift-giving, the sales of gifts are increased during the holiday seasons. The CEO of Give Gift Boutique said, that in addition to gifts with a strong festive atmosphere such as bouquets and gift baskets, the sales of high-quality baby hampers are also on the rise. "Give Gift Boutique provides delivery services throughout Hong Kong. During the epidemic which make social isolation between people, givers could order gifts from the website to show their care in a safe way, thus hampers are favored by a lot of consumers. What's more, it is shown that the universal in Hong Kong are care for the parents of newborn babies."

On the other hand, for families with children who need special care, Give Gift Boutique has also supported some charitable donation activities of charity organizations for children in need. He said, "Established in 2008, Give Gift Boutique has been the icon of the gift market, and we take the conveyance of love as our mission. Therefore, we have been committed to public welfare and conveying a positive vibe to society over the years. We held some charitable donations with safe and quality baby care products to the families in need, and we receive thanks from charity organizations for solving some problems of needy families. And we will build deeper cooperation with charity organizations and pay more attention to them with our efforts."

The rapid pace of life makes people to their consuming behaviors constantly, so baby gift companies need to think of consumers' needs and serve them the most satisfying products with endless effort. In this regard, the CEO of Give Gift Boutique said that in order to serve ideal gifts for different families, they will continue to collect high-quality products from the globe, and will strive to make the gifts more practical and add richness to the lines of gifts.

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Give Gift Boutique is the leading online gift shop in Hong Kong. It operates in the boutique workshop model and serves corporate and individual customers throughout the year. Since its opening in 2008, it has been committed to providing customers with high-quality flower bouquets, holiday hampers,mother's day gifts, birthday gifts, etc.

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