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GGB Company illustrates how the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is influencing our gift giving habits

KOWLOON, KOWLOON, HONG KONG, August 26, 2020 / / -- The coronavirus pandemic has truly changed our relationship with retail shopping and our online buying behaviour has increased considerably, steering away from physical boutique shops and department stores towards retailers that offer comprehensive online shopping experiences. People’s buying behaviours have shifted to accommodate the current state of affairs - they are prioritizing buying necessary items such as food and other basic household necessities over clothing, appliances, electronics etc.

Gift-giving as a means to reconnect with friends and family

However, according to Give Gift Boutique’s (GGB) statistics the need to buy gifts never declined and may have even increased. Taking into consideration GGB’s figures regarding their online flower shop’s orders from the past holidays, including Valentine’s day, Easter holidays, Father’s day and Mother’s day, the amount of online orders for gifts increased considerably compared to the same period last year. Despite the fact that travel has been suspended in most regions and the many travel restraints in place have made people hesitant to visit loved ones for fear of new lockdown measures or putting their friends and family at risk, gift giving trends have remained unscathed and even increased. Most people’s enthusiasm for giving gifts is unwavering and seen as a way to reconnect with loved ones and show them how much they mean to them while at the same time adhering to appropriate social distancing measures.

Furthermore, as overall spending on more frivolous items has gone down along with travel expenses, people have more money to spend on things that will help them connect with others without actually being physically near them. Gift giving as an expression of one’s thoughtfulness and how important and valued the gift recipient is is more relevant and helpful in today’s social climate than it ever was before.

2020 Birthday Gift Market Changes

That being said, the birthday gift market in 2020 has seen a substantial shift as there are fewer physical birthday parties taking place and the ones that do take place may be in a very restricted setting of a few close family members and friends. This change has shifted the way we approach birthday gifts as they seem to be taking on a more significant role than before, as the gift giver wants to convey their thoughtfulness and inability to physically be there for the recipient through the gifts that they choose to offer.

According to GGB the corporate birthday gift giving practice has changed to accommodate the new working conditions. The majority of employees now work remotely from home and there are fewer birthday parties taking place in a company setting where employees would convey their birthday wishes in person. Instead of overlooking the situation and considering that company birthday parties are just not relevant anymore, the majority of business owners are choosing to order gifts for their employees online and send them to their homes. They consider this to be helpful for their employees overall mental health during a time that can be trying and tiring for employees that might feel detached from the corporate culture. Gift giving and recognising an employees birthday can help build enthusiasm and work productivity, sending a message to employees that they are truly valued and are part of the team and not isolated.

GGB Estimates the Market Trends for this year’s Christmas gifts

Although it is still summer, planning and talking about Christmas gifts has always been something that fills many people with enthusiasm and warmth as it transports us to a time of the year that has always held a magical quality since childhood. A more carefree time where we can forget about the miniscule problems of everyday life and focus on more valuable pursuits such as more family time with loved ones and giving to people less fortunate than ourselves.

This year’s Christmas holiday period is expected to be quite different from previous year’s as the coronavirus epidemic has seen no sign of slowing down yet and some countries are already experiencing a second wave of the pandemic. This of course does not mean that Christmas celebrations should be postponed or will lose their meaning, on the contrary this is a time to come together and be grateful for what we have by giving to others.

Changes in gift giving habits are inevitable and celebrations will not be the same as in previous year’s when grand venues and christmas and new year’s parties with numerous participants were the norm. As the party shifts to our homes and the list of guests is restricted to family members only, online gift companies are estimated to become everyone’s choice when choosing their gifts for friends and colleagues. The wide array of gifts that can be found online as well as the convenience that they offer makes them the best choice for gift giving this christmas season.

Give Gift Boutique is a Hong Kong based florist and gift shop that has been in business for over 12 years designing and offering over 3500 products that can be found in 38 different catalogues. GGB strives to become their clients gift shop of choice, offering a selection of exclusive artisan and high quality gifts. Their products have unique and fresh designs and can offer personalised gifts for every occasion at reasonable prices.

The wide array of gifts you can choose from include gourmet gift hampers, fresh flower bouquets, grand opening stands, fruit baskets, premium preserved flowers, birthday presents and funeral flower arrangements. GGB has over 1200 seasonal gifts to choose from and covers all the major Western and Eastern holidays.

Give Gift Boutique Hong Kong has successfully delivered their services to over 3000 corporate accounts and over 50000 individual customers. They also pride themselves in offering over a thousand world renowned corporate clients with more than 10.000 customized corporate gifts. GGB has received substantial press and media coverage recommending their exceptional products and delivery services.

GGB Delivers Community Support During The Global COVID-19 Pandemic

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