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Van Gogh SENSES & Give Gift Boutique launched three Mother's Day Art Bouquets

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 27 April 2021 - Mother's Day is fast approaching and there are more people giving floral gifts to their mom. At this time, many merchants began to offer different floral gifts. Give Gift Boutique, the leading online flower shop in Hong Kong, joint Van Gogh S.E.N.S.E.S to launch Van Gogh Senses 2021 Masterpiece series Limited Edition Flower Bouquet for Mothers' Day.

Conveying gratitude and warmth to mothers in memorable days

May is a special month for mothers. To surprise the most important woman in life, people are trying the whole bag of tricks to make their mom happy, and enchanting flower bouquets became an indispensable part of Mother's Day. CEO of Give Gift Boutique said that flower bouquets have become one of the most popular gifts on Mother's Day, "People take flowers as the symbol of beauty, thus flower bouquets are ideal gifts to set off gorgeous mothers and wish them beautiful forever. In addition, flower talks could speak for your appreciation and blessings to the recipients."

He also said that these years, Give Gift Boutique has listened carefully to the needs of consumers and designed a wide range of exquisite bouquets. And at this time, Give Gift Boutique joint Van Van Gogh SENSES again to endow the bouquets with a unique meaning, makes gift-giving more than just the token of gratitude, it is also the conveyance and the appreciation of aesthetic. In the more than a year since the outbreak of the epidemic, many people have realized that it is important to cherish those around you who love you and to make them appreciate wonderful things in the world.

Combining famous painting elements with flowers to make a unique attempt

Van Gogh SENSES is an enterprise exclusively authorized by the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands to promote the interaction between art and the public. It is committed to integrating art into daily life and creating an innovative art experience. It creates an innovative space of art appreciation and makes everyone enjoys aesthetics.

This time Van Gogh SENSES and Give Gift Boutique joined again to spice Mother's Day gifts with something wonderful. The bouquets are printed "Almond Blossom" and "Harvest" on the package, they are designed by famous European and Japanese florists. Moreover, these exquisite and fabulous bouquets could make gift-giving a sense of ceremony.

Flowers and famous paintings are wonderful things in the eyes of the world. The attempt to mix the beauty of famous paintings into the bouquets will make the beauty of famous paintings no longer just the enjoyment of a few people, but give more people the right to appreciate aesthetics.

The Van Gogh series of Mother's Day bouquets are on sales

Van Gogh Senses 2021 Masterpiece series Limited Edition Flower Bouquet for Mothers' Day is available in three styles, each of which is composed of vivid and full blooms of high-quality flowers, especially imported carnations of superior quality. The collocation of wonderful design and famous paintings makes the bouquets show different styles of beauty.

Style 1 is pink carnations and white balloon flowers, surrounded by pink hydrangea. The collocation of lovely pink flowers, pure white flowers, and slender lining leaves make the bouquets look extravagant and gorgeous.

Style 2 is elegant blue packaging matched boldly with bright red roses and small orange roses, vivid champagne balloon flowers and champagne small peony, and warm pink carnations. The color collocation of the bouquets is tranquil like water and passionate like fire, making it an enchanting mixture of dazzling and elegant.

Style 3 is red, pink, and yellow carnations, which respectively mean the blessings for health, longevity, youth, and beauty of your mother and gratitude to her. Paired with light purple roses and other flowers in a tender tone of color, these heart-melting bouquets will arouse emotions of love and peace.

What's more, in the Van Gogh SENSES store, or on the online shop of Give Gift Boutique, you can not only order Van Gogh Senses 2021 Masterpiece series Limited Edition Flower Bouquet for Mothers' Day but also add some exquisite additional gifts such as tea and chocolate to make a more attractive Mother's Day gift.

The time of sales and the purchasing method

As Mother's Day is around the corner, don't forget to buy a gorgeous and festive Mother's Day bouquet for the most important woman in your life! From now on, the Van Gogh series of Mother's Day bouquets will be on sale in Van Gogh S.E.N.S.E.S stores, the online store, and the brick-and-mortar stores of Give Gift Boutique. As the holiday rush is fast approaching, you had better be the early bird before the busy period.

About S.E.N.S.E.S & Give Gift Boutique

Van Gogh S.E.N.S.E.S is the world's first art-themed gift store with an exclusive license from Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. It strives to bring Van Gogh's art into everyday life through the senses, and it combines Van Gogh's life stories and paintings into its product concepts and designs to present the world of aesthetics.

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