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Chinese New Year in Hong Kong






Chinese Zodiac Terrestrial Branch Date
Rat 1996 Feb. 19th 2008 Feb. 7th 2020 Jan. 5th
Ox 1997 Feb. 7th 2009 Jan. 26th 2021 Feb. 12th
Tiger 1998 Jan. 28th 2010 Feb. 14th 2022 Feb. 1st
Hare 1999 Feb. 16th 2011 Feb. 3rd 2023 Jan. 22nd
Dragon 2000 Feb. 5th 2012 Jan. 23rd 2024 Feb. 10th
Snake 2001 Jan. 24th 2013 Feb. 10th 2025 Jan. 29th
Horse 2002 Feb. 12th 2014 Jan. 31st 2026 Feb. 17th
Sheep 2003 Feb. 1st 2015 Feb. 19th 2027 Feb. 6th
Monkey 2004 Jan. 22nd 2016 Feb. 8th 2028 Jan. 26th
Cock 2005 Feb. 9th 2017 Jan. 28th 2029 Feb. 23rd
Dog 2006 Jan. 29th 2018 Feb. 16th 2030 Feb. 3rd
Boar 2007 Feb. 18th 2019 Feb. 5th 2031 Jan. 23rd

Switzerland: On New Year’s Day, the Swiss will take wholesome exercises to welcome the New Year. From January to February in Switzerland, the daytime temperature ranges between -2℃ and 7℃. People, old or young, will form groups to go climbing or go skiing. Facing the endless snow and mountains, people will sing freely with great joviality to praise the coming of a new year.

Happy New Year

Germany:It is funny that plenty of New Year conventions are related to trees in Germany. In rural areas, people will celebrate the New Year’s Day by participating in the tree-climbing games which signify「promoting to a higher position」. Other Germans will place a tree trimmed with flowers at home, representing a flourishing scene of prosperity and a good harvest in the coming year.


Turkey:The New Year conventions in Turkey are similar to that in Hong Kong. To ring out the Old Year and to ring in the New Year, the Turkish people will buy new clothes and have a shower on the New Year’s Eve. They believe that by doing this the past evil will be washed away and good luck will be brought.

Chinese Spring Festival
Thailand:It is familiar to us that the Thais celebrate the New Year’s Day by holding the「Water-Sprinkling Festival」during which people will sprinkle water to others, even the strangers to express their blessings. However, for single men and women, they sprinkle water to each other in order to express affection.
Mexico:The New Year convention in Mexico is a bit strange but very interesting. In some regions, people calculate the days of a month on a 20-day basis, hence there are 18 months in a year. According to the local customs, Mexicans are not allowed to laugh in the last several days of the year. Therefore, laughing is forbidden on the New Year’s Day.
India: In India, the New Year’s Day is referred to as「Divali Festival」or「Deeppavali」. Like the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Indian New Year will fall on different dates, but will be celebrated in October or November. In such an important traditional festival, many Indians will light up the bank lights, put up decorations, or go shopping, making the whole city a scene of jubilation.
Traditional Chinese Ancient Gold Bullion

Many Hong Kong people will have a spring-cleaning before the Lunar New Year, especially on the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month, with an intention to sweep out all the「bad luck」and to welcome the new year.

CNY Element
A2Spring Festival Shopping:

Most families in Hong Kong will do Spring Festival Shopping before the Lunar New Year. Many people will purchase abalones, sea cucumbers, shark fins, fish maws and so on to cook a delicious meal. In recent years, to present gift baskets booked online has begun to gain popularity,for expressing blessings and good wishes.

CNY Element


A3Family Reunion Diner:

On the Spring Festival’s Eve, almost every family will prepare diverse delicacies for the family reunion diner, the highlight of the year, meaning reunion and completeness. In some walled villages in Hong Kong, people get used to eating poon choi which contains a good variety of food for diners to choose. It is believed that each family member will select what they like.

CNY Firecrackers
A5Setting Off Firecrackers:

In China, people also set off firecrackers to celebrate the Lunar New Year. In ancient times, firecrackers were used to drive away the「Monster Nian」and to bring safety. However, in recent years, firecrackers are forbidden in many places for the reason that they produce too much noise and cause potential safety hazards. In 1967, Hong Kong also made laws to prohibit people from setting off firecrackers. But you can still experience such festive atmosphere in some rural areas in Chinese Mainland.

CNY Food
A4Paying A New Year Call:

Before the Lunar New Year, Bank of China, Standard Chartered Bank and HSBC, the largest three banks in Hong Kong, will become more crowded than usual, for many citizens will queue to pick up brand new banknotes to fill their red packets. In the past, people paid a New Year call to the houses of friends or relatives, during which people would express their blessings to each other, such as「may you be happy and prosperous」, etc. Nowadays, people will download Apps on the smart phones or tablet computers to send their good wishes to friends far away.

CNY decoration
A6Lion and Dragon Dance:

As one of the necessities for large-scale celebration, lion and dragon dance has gradually been carried forward abroad with the immigration of Chinese people. Especially during the Spring Festival, there will be dragon/lion dance or parade in Chinatown. In Tai Hang of Hong Kong, there is also the fire-dragon dance, which is a traditional custom. Some merchants will also invite the dragon dance and lion dance to add the festive atmosphere.

Mail to the World

No matter for our long-term customers or the new customers, they must have taken notice of our great diversity of gift products, including thousands kinds of bouquets, box flowers, preserved flowers, fruit hampers, festive hampers and so on. Maybe you once tried to order a bouquet for your girlfriend in Hong Kong on our website, or you once bought a Lunar New Year gift basket for your family members in Hong Kong. Anyhow, there must be someone you are familiar with who have tried our products and services which are not limited to Hong Kong only. In July 2015, Give Gift Boutique began to provide the domestic and international parcel-mailing services through which our superior gifts can be posted to your intimate relatives or good friends both at home and abroad.


Limitation for Mailing

Different from the local express delivery services in Hong Kong, the domestic and international mailing services have some limitations, including parcel weight, package, type of goods and so on. This year, the Mainland China has implemented a new rule which prohibits the entry of mooncakes containing meat and eggs, no matter by carrying or by mailing. Therefore, the mailing of mooncakes to Mainland China will be affected. We will keep abreast of the latest legal provisions, and strictly inspect and check the products to be mailed, so as to make sure to get them up to the standard and make sure that there are no prohibited goods and dangerous articles in the parcel. The mailable products will be marked with specific mailing patterns to facilitate the selection of consumers.

Potted Orange
CNY Greeting
CNY Greeting

Proper and Reliable Packaging

Going through a long journey on the plane, ship or vehicle, the gifts may be damaged or even missed if they are not properly packed. Hence, a proper and reliable packaging is very important to mailing. But you can totally feel assured for mailing gifts of Give Gift Boutique to relatives and friends at home and abroad. Taking the Lunar New Year gift basket as an example, the diverse food to be mailed, firstly exquisitely and firmly packed and then steadily placed in a customized leather box, will not be damaged or fall out easily. In addition, the superior imported packing papers as well as our professional packaging skills also ensure that our gift baskets can be successfully mailed after passing the postal inspection and customs inspection.

Mailing Gifts

Limitation for Mailing

Different from the local express delivery services in Hong Kong, the domestic and international mailing services have some limitations, including parcel weight, package, type of goods and so on. This year, the Mainland China has implemented a new rule which prohibits the entry of mooncakes containing meat and eggs, no matter by carrying or by mailing. Therefore, the mailing of mooncakes to Mainland China will be affected. We will keep abreast of the latest legal provisions, and strictly inspect and check the products to be mailed, so as to make sure to get them up to the standard and make sure that there are no prohibited goods and dangerous articles in the parcel. The mailable products will be marked with specific mailing patterns to facilitate the selection of consumers.

CNY Element
 Potted Orange
On Lunar New Year, mailing a gift basket is full of Hong Kong feelings. For instance, the Peninsular Hong Kong Hotel presents the Lunar New Year fruit baskets each year, with each piece of product uniquely made by itself. When receiving such a gift, will the receiver spark a trace of homesickness and call to mind the days and nights spent in Tsim Sha Tsui? In one of our Lunar New Year gift baskets, there includes a kind of gift that you can never find in foreign countries, that is the dragon’s beard candy. Receiving such a box of candies will delight you for a whole day because it is not only a gift but also the sentiment of the missing from remote places. Tired of eating too many cookies overseas, you may occasionally desire a taste of the Jenny cookies, the native Hong Kong cookies, which will bring you the unique memories in Hong Kong.
CNY Gift

To make a vow to the Wishing Tree in Taipo Lam Tsuen

It only costs 5 Hong Kong dollars to buy a wishing plate on which you can write the names and good wishes, and then to throw it on the tree. Your wishes will come true if the plate stays on the tree. However, sparked by the surging enthusiasm of blessing, the citizens have thrown too many wishing plates, thus getting the Wishing Tree damaged. Based on the principle of environment protection, an artificial tree has been put up, and the wishing plate has been replaced by rubber orange, in order to get the tradition to be continued. Transportation: Transfer at the A Exit of Tai Wo Station, MTR to the green Bus 25K, and get off at the Taipo Lam Tsuen Station.

To offer the first incense to Wong Tai Sin

On Lunar New Year’s eve, a large number of citizens will queue outside the door of Wong Tai Sin Temple, waiting to offer the first incense. In 1921, the Wong Tai Sin Temple was officially moved to Hong Kong from Guangzhou, with a history of over 100 years. Originally, the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple was only a private place for worship, but has been open to the public gradually. Now, it has enjoyed a booming pilgrimage. Each year, believers will come in great numbers to the Wong Tai Sin Temple to offer the first incenses in the hope of praying good luck and happiness in the new year. Transportation: Exit B1 to the Wong Tai Sin Temple Station, MTR

Horse Racing Day on Lunar New Year

Early in 1846, Hong Kong imported the sport of horse racing from the Great Britain, and held the games at Happy Valley Racecourse in December of the same year. Up to now, it has developed into a tradition to host horse raging games on the third day of each Lunar New year. Besides the exciting horse races, the organizer has also prepared a number of cultural programs and various exquisite gifts for the purpose of attracting horse racing fans and tourists. People entering into the racecourse can also pray for「an immediate success and victory」. The horse racing for the Lunar New Year is scheduled to be held on January 30, 2017. Transportation: Take Bus 868, and get off at Sha Tin Racecourse Racecourse Station of East Rail Line, MTR (opened only in race days)

Lunar New Year Cup for Hong Kong Football

It is believed that many Hong Kong football fans know about the Lunar New Year Wave, an annual football event in the local Hong Kong ball-playing circles which is hosted by Hong Kong FA Cup on the first day and fourth day of Lunar New Year. Since 1983, commercial sponsorship has been introduced in the Lunar New Year football game which is named after the name of sponsor. In addition, since 1993, Hong Kong Football Team has also invited other football teams to Hong Kong to swap skills. If you don’t want to go shopping during the Spring Festival, you can go to watch football games, which is beneficial both to body and to mind. Transportation: Get off at the Prince Edward Station or Mong Kok East Station, MTR, and walk to the Mong Kok Stadium

Lai See

New Year Movie

Since the 1970s, Hong Kong people have begun to queue to buy tickets of New Year Movies, which has become an unforgettable memory to all. Generally, the New Year Movies, shown before and after the Lunar New Year, are named after words with auspicious meanings, such as「All’s Well, Ends Well」,「It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World」and so on. Most New Year Movies feature profound festive atmosphere, and end up with a funny or happy ending. Though such activity has come to decline little by little, the celebration activities have never ceased. 2017 Lunar New Year Movie:「Journey to the West: Subduing the Monsters」

potted orange

Victoria Park Lunar New Year Flower Market

It is a requisite activity for almost all the Hong Kong citizens to wander the Lunar New Year Fair. With a history of more than 40 years, the Victoria Park Lunar New Year Fair is the largest fair in Hong Kong with the largest number of booths and the highest visitor flow rate. The market is divided into different sections including the「wet goods section」, 「dry goods section」and 「cooked food section」. In the「wet goods section」, the featured New Year flowers are sold, including the native orchids, peach blossoms and potted orange trees. In the「dry goods section」, there are goods concerning the zodiac animal of the same year, interesting couplets and DIY toys made by college students. In the「cooked food section」, there are not so many booths. But there, you can have a taste of the special snacks of Hong Kong, such as fish balls, steamed dumplings and so on. The Lunar New Year Fair becomes bustling most on the Eve of New Year, especially before the dawn when you have the chance to buy goods at a very low price. Transportation: Get out from the A2 Exit to Tin Hau Station or Exit E to Causeway Bay Station, and take any bus by way of Causeway to get there

Chinatown, a street or even a town formed by Chinese people in different countries and regions.

  • Facilitated the life of overseas Chinese, in Chinatown, foreign people can also see landscapes and commodities with Chinese characteristics.
  • Especially during the Lunar New Year, Chinatown will take on a flourishing atmosphere of traditional Chinese culture.
  • Chinatown
     the New Year's Eve Feast

    Los Angeles,


    727 N. Broadway Suite 208, Los Angeles, CA 90012

    L.A. Chinatown is the place where the early Chinese immigrants settled, and also the window for foreign tourists to acquaint with China. Seeing the Chinese restaurants as well as the festive atmosphere, people will find themselves in a real town of China.



    Nelson Street, Liverpool L1 5DN & its surrounding area

    The Liverpool Chinatown, as the first Chinatown established in Europe, is home to immigrants from Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland, Taiwan and other Southeast Asian countries, and also the increasing number of overseas students, thus creating a diversified culture for Liverpool.

    South Africa


    Cyrildene, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

    Officially registered in 2005, the Chinatown lies in Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa. It was originally a business street, about over 600 meters long, where the Chinese merchants opened a number of supermarkets, bookstores, hotels and so on, thus bringing Chinese characteristics for it.



    Prior and Powell Streets, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 5K2, Canada

    Vancouver Chinatown is the second largest Chinatown in North America following the LA Chinatown. The moment you enter into it, you will feel as though you have gone back to China, for it is filled with Chinese medicinal herbs stores, seafood hotels and tea cafes. During festivals and holidays, it is decorated with lanterns and streamers, and there are also dragon dance and lion dance, thus making it a perfect place for overseas Chinese to settle.

    China Street,


    NO. 118-2 Yamashitachou, Nakaku, Yokohama

    In Japan, there is not a Chinatown in the real sense, but there is a famous Yokahama China Street (よこはまちゅうかがい in Japanese). People settle here are mostly of overseas Chinese from Guangdong Province, thus Guangdong dishes prevail here.



    Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

    The first Chinatown in Australia was established in Melbourne in 1851, with a longer history than the Sidney Chinatown. Each year, the world’s largest Dragon Boat Race is held here, turning the Melbourne Chinatown into an ocean of cheer and applause.

    Lai See
    Luck Money

    Sending red packets (luck money) is a unique convention for the Lunar New Year. The most traditional practice is to present “copper coins” wrapped up by a piece of red paper, meaning good luck and auspiciousness. The modern printed red packets appeared about 1,900 yeas ago when the printing technology became widespread. In recent years, the types of red packets have got more and more diversified, such as the plane type, three-dimensional type, type in cartoon design and type in zodiac animals design. Recently, handing out virtual red packets have become very popular during the Spring Festival in Mainland China. It’s really interesting.

    Singapore: 【raw fish slices】The fresh fish slices are matched with melon threads, fruit threads, various vegetables and honey. When eating this dish, people will say “laoqi! Laoqi!” in Cantonese, a pronunciation similar to “laoxi” which means a prosperous business and career in the coming year.
    Malaysia: 【pineapple】 In Malaysia, many local Chinese come from Fujian. Influenced by Southern Fujian Culture, people there will buy pineapples for the Spring Festival. In Southern Fujian Dialect, “fengli” (pineapple) is homophonic to “wanglai” (coming of prosperous and auspicious luck), thus making pineapple an auspicious fruit for the Spring Festival.
    Hanoi, Vietnam: 【peach blossom】 Before the Spring Festival, the Vietnamese will buy peach branches with blossoms in the flower market and place them at home in order to pay for a good luck in the coming year.

    Chinese New Year CNY In Hong Kong

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