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New Born Baby Gifts
Bady Gift Ldeas
Newborn Baby Gift
Newborn Gift Collection
New Born Baby  Helium Balloon
Baby Gift Set Recommendations for New Parents
Baby Hamper
As time went by, our friends and relatives have slowly gone into another phase of life- get married and have children. Generally speaking, wedding gifts are easier to choose than baby gifts, because gifts for the brides or grooms are often accessories, wedding decorations, gift baskets and even cash; as long as we put our thoughts into it, we don’t normally go wrong. However, sending gifts to newborn babies is a lot more difficult, especially for those who are not familiar with parenthood; also, they are not familiar with different baby gift brands, not so sure what baby products parents need and not clear about the quality standard of baby gifts. Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique will share with your some firsthand information about how to choose the best newborn baby gifts.
New Born Baby Gifts
Infant Gift Hamper
Baby Consumable Gift
Baby cotton diaper + baby shampoo + baby shower gel + cotton tissue + cotton balls
Although baby diapers are common gifts for the newborn, they are essential products for the parents. So even though they receive plenty of diaper gifts, they don’t think it’s a waste of money. In one word, sending consumable gifts to parents can ease their economic burden. (Because many mom and dad will prepare most of the consumable items before the baby was born, so it’s best to send them the gifts before their purchase; if you know the couple very well, you may ask them directly what gifts they want and then order a gift basket and send to them easily.)
Baby Flower Gift Basket
Organic Cotton
Newborn Baby Gift Hamper
cotton bib+ cotton mitt+ feeding bottle+ teether +cotton toys
Newborn babies have fragile and sensitive skin, so they need to be well protected. Most baby products are made with cotton, among them the best ones are those brand name baby gifts, because they earn high reputation in the mothers’ groups with their high quality baby products. As for the choice of baby toys, we can’t just buy any toy gifts based on their price; the quality and origin of the toys are also important elements to be considered. Very often the babies bite their toys just for fun, so the bad quality toys will affect the baby development and thus cause bad influence on baby growth. Therefore, when choosing the natural rubber infant teething toy for babies, the multi-functional Friendly Bear or plush toys, it’s best to choose the imported ones with safety certification to ensure the healthy growth of the children.
Toy for Baby

Send Gifts To Baby

Baby Gift Recommendation

What Gift To Give Babies

BB Gift Basket Gift Guide

The Best Gift for The Newborn

Baby gifts to hospital

Baby Organic Gift Basket
Teddy Bear
Children’s book/
Cloth book/Baby soft book
Peter Rabbit book gift box+ Jellycat cloth book
From infant to 3 years old, babies start to be curious about their surroundings, at this stage, parents can use some items to stimulate their senses and help with their physical development, one way is to use the books made with cloth. Cloth books are soft and colorful, babies love to “read” and play with them, parents won’t be worried about babies tearing them apart or hurting themselves, and they can wash these cloth books as often as they like and make sure they are always clean. When the babies grow up a bit, sending them children’s book gifts can cultivate their interest in reading; on top of that, when parents read the stories to the babies, they can train their language ability and thus educate them at a young age while having fun.
New born baby flower gift basket/ fruit hamper
fresh flowers+ teddy bear+ baby pillow+ fruits+ fruit juice+ congratulation balloon+ greeting card
After the baby was born, he/she draws everybody’s attention, and the new moms who desperately need help and comfort are easily to be neglected. Therefore, when we consider buying gifts for the baby, we might as well choose some gifts that are suitable for the mother. Fresh flower bouquet and teddy bear can help new mothers develop joyful mood and forget about the tiredness for a while; the fruits suitable for the pregnant women or new moms are not only full of nutrition, but can also be shared among family members and help to build a closer relationship.
Infant Flower Gift Basket
pink collection baby gift basket
same color theme baby gifts+ teabag+ sugar+ chocolate+ flower arrangement+ baby gift card
If we know the baby’s gender in advance, we can choose to send either baby boy’s blue style gift hamper or baby girl’s pink style newborn gift basket. The gift items in the basket are useful for both infants and mothers; one purchase can satisfy two needs. It’s not only convenient for the gift giver, but also a good way to express love and care to the gift recipients.
Baby & mum health hamper
baby one-piece clothes gift+ Ginseng Tea+ Birds nest+ Essence of Chicken+ Baby tableware
To be honest, most baby gifts we send are for the baby’s benefit, not so many newborn baby gifts are especially designed for mums. HK Give Gift Boutique cares about new mother’s health and releases the baby & mum health hamper which includes easy to eat health nutritional food from famous brands like Eu Yan Sang, Tung Fong Hung and Wai Yuen Tong. This health care gift basket for mothers not only expresses the congratulation to the newborn baby, but also shows concern to mother’s health, soothe their pressure and make them relaxed.
Baby Essential
New Born Baby Gift Famous Brands
New Born Baby Gift Famous Brands

Many people like to visit Hong Kong and buy their favorite baby gifts and baby toys, but in terms of where to get the authentic gifts in HK or where to get the best price gifts, different consumers have different view points. Some recommend to buy baby gift products in the HK specialize mum and baby shop; some suggest to buy new born baby gift baskets in the Hong Kong chain pharmacy; others prefer to buy infant gifts in the supermarkets and shopping malls. Whatever methods you use, there are some disadvantages. First of all, it takes time and effort for the buyers to travel to HK and buy the baby gifts; secondly, each store has different new born baby brands, styles and price, some gift items might be out of stock in some shops, therefore it’s not easy to buy all the baby gifts that you want at one time; last but not least, when we take time to travel to Hong Kong, of course we want to enjoy some local experience and beautiful scenic spots in the city, but if we are busy searching for various baby gifts, we will end up having no time to explore HK which is a bit of a waste in our trip. On top of that, if we need to carry the baby gifts around while touring Hong Kong, it’s not only tiring but also not pretty when we take photos or selfie.

Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique has designed different types of mailable baby gift hampers which can be delivered to China and other countries by international express courier service. Customers can receive a whole package of baby products at home without searching around everywhere. If you are visiting Hong Kong and order gifts from GGB, we can deliver over 100 kinds of baby gift hampers to the hotels you stay, the gifts can be left in the hotel concierge or hotel reception before you check in or while you are out for fun, then you can relax yourself and collect your baby gift basket later and go back home happily, it is such a convenient and enjoyable gift shopping experience that you can enjoy through ordering online from HK Give Gift Boutique.
Flower Gift
Baby Gift Collection

BABY CLOTHES BOUQUET- Exclusively designed and handmade by Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique, our professional florist combines the never-wither preserved flowers and the brand name high quality cotton baby clothes together to create the one-of-a-kind baby clothes bouquet. Most flower shops use artificial flowers to create the base of the baby clothes & socks flower bouquet, which might seem a bit unreal and dull; however, Hong Kong GGB has plenty of innovative ideas and carries them out to the fullest extent, that is, to firstly use preserved flowers as the decoration for the baby clothes bouquet gift set, to make the baby gift more lively and attractive- definitely a unique gift for the new born baby.

BABY CARRIAGE GIFT- If you want to send baby diaper gifts to the new born baby but are afraid that they can be boring gifts, this baby car style flower arrangement and baby diaper gift set can ease you worries. Just one glance, the recipients know immediately that it’s a gift for babies; the diapers can help new parents save money on the consumable products while being very useful for the new born, and the beautiful floral arrangement can soothe the stress of the new mother. One gift, two surprises.

HALLMARK BABIES LUXURY BABY GIFT HAMPER- Hallmark Babies clothes are well known for their texture, safety and touch. The designers of this brand are elites who have become mothers, and who will consider thoughtfully whether the clothes are comfortable and safe for the babies to wear. The Hallmark Babies Deluxe Gift Hamper includes a wide range of Hallmark Babies gift products and other baby gifts, it is of better value to purchase the whole gift basket than to buy the clothes piece by piece, and it’s a great gift hamper for your own baby or to send it as a token of appreciation to the new parents.
Baby Hamper
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